How the day works

How it works

A Pre-consultation will take place which includes an assessment of your chosen venue. Identifying meeting points, shooting locations and accessibility. We’ve designed these vehicles so we can provide a great experience on flat land however to maximise your package and get the most out of us we offer expert advice on the positioning to cater for all shooting abilities.

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What you need for the day

  • Your own Guns and Cartridges please ensure fibre wads only
  • Cartridges can be purchased on the day as these are not included in the price
  • Proof of a Gun licence (one licence holder per 2 Guns maximum)
  • Ear defenders, hats and glass’s must be worn
  • We recommend sensible clothing and closed footwear appropriate to an outdoor environment

Please can you ensure you have sufficient insurance. If not, this is available from BASC: and CPSA:

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Semi-Automatic guns are not permitted

It is important that we are made aware of novice or inexperienced guns prior to the shoot

Spectators may accompany shooters – shooters are responsible for their spectator’s safety

Guns must always be broken – unless in shooting position or sleeved

Alcohol is not permitted on site nor must it be consumed prior to shooting

Do not touch traps

All staff are first aid trained


All guests are always required to follow safety instructions, failure to do so may result in early termination on the day

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